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Know details of Airtel broadband services for Ludhiana city (Punjab). Get super speed internet connection from Bharti Airtel. See all latest Airtel broadband plans in Ludhiana with unlimited data + free national calling. There are many reasons you need Airtel High Speed V-fiber Internet connection, some of which are stable bandwidth, reliable customer support, 24 by 7 technical helpline, quick registration/ booking, quick installation, very low activation cost with free WiFi, top trusted brand name of Airtel, fast internet speed, low rental plans, extra data, unlimited free national calling and so more. Airtel high speed broadband service is changing the game for the internet users of Ludhiana and Punjab. If you aren’t sure if you should jump to airtel broadband services, you should read this list of tariff plans & should consult us for best suggestion & explanation.

Rent ↓ speed & data details ↓
₹ 799 ➤ up to 8 Mbps speed till 30 GB + free calling
₹ 999 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 65 GB + free calling 
₹ 1199 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 90 GB + free calling 
 ₹ 1399 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 125 GB + free calling 
 ₹ 1799 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 200 GB + free calling 
 ₹ 2099 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 275 GB + free calling 
 ₹ 2599 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 300 GB + free calling 
 ₹ 3599 ➤ up to 40 Mbps till 500 GB + free calling 

You can check latest “Airtel broadband” VDSL / ADSL plans here for Ludhiana (Punjab). Get details of all tariffs, rental prices, packs & packages on website, while you book online for new Airtel broadband internet connection service. Know what is maximum possible speed, offered by Airtel broadband services in your area. Airtel Broadband offers a wide range wire-line DSL & V-fiber coverage in ludhiana area with the fastest VDSL / ADSL internet speeds available. We offer you the best price for fastest speed! Our prices are competitive and include unlimited data usage + free voice calling! Get broadband speeds at your home or office. See live sports, watch online movies and stream videos, Live video chat, download large files and do much more with surprisingly fast Airtel broadband connection service in Ludhiana & Punjab. 


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