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Airtel broadband user friendly plans in chandigarh Mohali panchkula and Zirakpur

Airtel broadband connection services – FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question : I want to apply for a new Airtel broadband connection in Chandigarh / Mohali / Panchkula, How to apply online?
Answer : Please send SMS or what’s app message with your full address to our given contact numbers. You may call us directly for fast response. Share your address of Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula / Zirakpur / Kharar,,  with us and we will check the feasibility, then if your location is feasible, We will send an executive to your door step as per your convenient time and place. That sales executive explain you every tariff and other details and after your permission, he/she will fill your CAF (Customer Application Form) to book your new Airtel broadband connection.

Question : I am looking for a wireless broadband connection in chandigarh tricity, is it available with airtel?
Answer : Yes, Airtel offers 4G LTE wireless internet service in Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula / Zirakpur / Kharar. Plans are different but procedure is same to get both V-fiber wired broadband & wireless 4G internet connections.

Question : What is the maximum offered speed from Airtel v-fiber broadband services in Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula / Zirakpur / Kharar,?
Answer : Airtel broadband V-fiber connection can serve you up to 40 Mbps internet speed depending upon your location in Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula / Zirakpur or Kharar. The feasibility wouls be tested before selecting the plan.

Question : How much is the lowest unlimited plan available in Airtel?
Answer : Airtel offers unlimited broadband plan from Rs.799/pm onwards. Please choose any of our low cost and affordable tariff that best match with your uses and budget.

Question : I’m looking for a broadband plan in Chandigarh, without any Fair Usage Policy Limit, is it available with airtel?
Answer : No, all the Airtel broadband plans are having fair usage policy (FUP) limit. Please refer to our plans section before choosing the plan which is suitable for your usage and budget.

Question : How much should I pay initially to get airtel broadband connection?
Answer : You need to pay installation charge only (either by cash or cheque).

Question : How much is the broadband modem charges?
Answer : The WiFi ADSL broadband modem cost is included in installation charges. On promotional basis, sometimes Airtel offers free wifi Modem for all the new broadband connections in Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula / Zirakpur / Kharar,

Question : I have my own broadband modem, could i use it for airtel?
Answer : If it is a Airtel recommended modem, we can configure airtel broadband connection on that modem. No need to buy a new broadband modem. Otherwise you have to pay for a modem.

Question : Do i even have to shop a telephone instrument from airtel?
Answer : If you are already having any telephone instrument, then you may use that. If you don’t want to use the telephone line, then no need to buy, however the provision would be there to use the telephone line. You may connect any other instrument at anytime to use your landline telephone.

Question : Is there any rental for the landline connection?
Answer : No. there is no separate monthly rental for the landline connection.

Question Is there any free outgoing calls on my landline connection?
Answer : It depends upon the broadband plan which you choose.

Question : What are the documents should I have to submit to get a new broadband connection?
Answer : 1. Address Proof (Ex.: Driving License, Family Card, Voter ID, Passport, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Rental Agreement & Etc.)
2. ID Proof ( Ex.: Driving License, Pan Card, Passport, Voter ID & Etc.)
3. One Passport size photograph.

Question : How long will it take to get a new airtel broadband connection?
Answer : The connection will be done within 3 working days from the date of booking broadband connection.

Question : Do I have to pay anything for wiring?
Answer : No, it is absolutely free.

Question : Could you send the someone to collect the application form & documents?
Answer : Absolutely. Please call on us on our given contact numbers & fix up an appointment. Its very easy.

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